Smush. A once stray kitten rescued by a Vet student.

This is a story of a once stray kitten that is about to be euthanized but rescued by a Vet student.

She was found outside the UF vet school on a summer day of 2017. She got a unique look that is a result of several genetic deformities and a cleft lip.

When she was a tiny kitten, Smush was so sick and is scheduled to be euthanized. But the Vet student tried her best to save Smush. She had to syringe fed Smush every four hours for a month.

After a month, Smush is now out of danger. She’s eating on her own. But she still had a terrible case of ringworm and had to take a lot of Lyme baths.

Then amazing things happened. Smush got adopted and went to a new foster home. The new foster parents took care of her while she continued to get strong. On the new foster home, she got new friends as well, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and a hedgehog. All rescued.

All of the upper respiratory infection of Smush was cleared up when she was in her foster homes.

People telling foster parents that looking at Smush’s special face helped them get through a bad day.

We wish you keep getting stronger and happier, Smush!