Positive Impact of Covid-19
Photo by Rahul Pandit from Pexels

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of every human being around the planet. It originated in Wuhan China at the end of 2019 and spreads globally.

To fight and slow down the coronavirus, most countries implemented social distancing and stay at home policy. Businesses where closed, events were canceled, schools were suspended, and social gatherings are not allowed to name a few.

With these limited movements, our planet is actually “healing”. Air quality has improved, clearer skylines in many areas have been reported, carbon dioxide has been reduced which helps global warming from rising above. Our water in canals, rivers, and beaches have become cleaner. And there less environmental noise.

Families were also benefitted for there are more home-cooked meals and less fast foods, and more family time.

It also taught us to become compassionate and help one another, appreciative of small things, and grateful.

Talents were also unlocked. Some tried to become “hairstylists” while some became a “chef”.

Truly there is a silver lining in every cloud.