Meet Ash - First Koala Born Since Australian Bushfires
Credit: Facebook/Australian Reptile Park

Meet Ash! The first koala born since Australia’s devastating bushfires.

Thousands of the continent’s rare marsupials died as brush fires raged through New South Wales in the past year.

Koalas are particularly vulnerable to bushfires as they are slow-moving and live in eucalyptus trees that burn quickly and intensely
- IFAW Wildlife Campaigner Josey Sharrad

Some fear the koala is on the brink of extinction in the wild.

However, there was good news for koalas at the end of April, when several animals who were injured in bushfires were re-released into the wild.

The Australian Reptile Park has named the baby Ash as a sign of hope for the future of Australia’s native wildlife.

Visitors will soon be able to see baby Ash in person as the park is all set to reopen on Monday, following the relaxation of Australia’s coronavirus lockdown measures.

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